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Sonet x H.E.R DAO Bounty Event

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15 matic

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Sonet x H.E.R DAO Bounty Event
Join Sonet x H.E.R DAO Blockzone Bounty Event and share a total of 6,500 MATIC

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Project Overview

Sonet (Soda & Soton) is excited to announce a Blockzone bounty event in collaboration with H.E.R. DAO to enhance community exposure, access to advanced technology, innovation, and support. In honor of Women’s History Month, Sonet is eager to show support for a women-lead project to emphasize the importance of inclusion and unity in the crypto space. 


H.E.R DAO is an important initiative in promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry, and provides a valuable platform for women and non-binary individuals to connect, learn, and grow in this space. This is a very exciting opportunity for everyone to immerse themselves about Sonet and the valuable tools and services offered, as well as learn more about an empowering social DAO that offers various resources and programs to its members, including mentorship, networking events, educational resources, and access to funding for other crypto projects. 


Through this partnership, Sonet is not only bridging the gap between Web3 infrastructure and Web2 social networks, but also working towards bringing communities together in a fun and easy way! Now, if you would like to become a part of this event, please carefully read the rules and instructions below! If you are one of the first 1,000 to participate in this giveaway event, you will have access to win free MATIC. Good luck, everyone!

About Sonet


Sonet is focused on resolving the communication problems of Web3 by creating bridges for Web3 networks as well as connecting traditional Web2 media platforms. Existing Web2 applications like popular social networks, and future apps will be created using our SDK middleware development framework. Our middleware aggregator, enables end users to interact in Web2 using Web3 infrastructure services.


About H.E.R. DAO


H.E.R DAO is a womxn focused developer DAO committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in Web3. Their three mandates are innovation, inclusion, and revenue generation. They are building great products and projects that include everybody with a goal to sustainably diversify the blockchain ecosystem, leading to more versatile product & venture development within. 

Rules & Instructions

All users who have completed the following tasks are eligible to share a total of 6,500 MATIC. The rewards will be distributed to all eligible participants in 5 working days by the end of the event. Participants must complete all airdrop tasks and bind their metamask wallet in soda dApp before the event closes to receive their rewards.


Task 1: Download Metamask: Download Metamask wallet and connect Polygon to MetaMask wallet using this tutorial (https://soda-extension.medium.com/how-to-connect-polygon-testnet-to-metamask-wallet-f90cf5daab7b)


Task 2: Download Soda: Download Soda Chrome Extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/soda/ckeekocbghailhahfmkdgffiieolpagi) and bind your Twitter with the submitted metamask wallet address in step 1.

Task 3 — Follow Soda Twitter: Follow Soda official Twitter during the whole event period. 



Task 4 — Follow H.E.R.DAO Twitter: Follow H.E.R.DAO official Twitter during the whole event period. 



Task 5 — Join Soda Telegram: Join and be active in our official Telegram community during the whole event period.



Task 6 — Join Soda Announcement Channel: Join in our official announcement channel on Telegram during the whole event period.



Task 7 — Join H.E.R.DAO Telegram: Join and be active in our official Telegram community during the whole event period.



Task 8 — Join Soda Discord: Join and be active in our official Discord server during the whole event period.



Task 9 — Join H.E.R.DAO Discord: Join and be active in our official Discord server during the whole event period.



The rewards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, based on who completes the tasks.


The first 100 participants will receive 15 MATIC

Participants 101~200 will receive 10 MATIC

Participants 201~1000 will receive 5 MATIC.


*Only the first 1,000 participants will receive airdrop rewards.


*Reminder: All MATIC rewards will be distributed to participants’ metamask wallet that bind to their twitter in soda dapp within 5 business days when event ends. Users who fail to download and bind wallet and twitter in soda will not receive any rewards.

Nothing herein shall constitute or be construed as an offering of securities or as investment advice or investment recommendations by Blockzone or any of its affililiates. Blockzone is not providing any broker-dealer, investment advisory, legal, financial or tax related service. Potential participants must conduct their own due diligence of any issuer, token or token-based security. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy, token or token-based security is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance.