NEM Cofounder Preaches Safety Is What Sets Them Apart From Ethereum

When a co-founder of a blockchain platform like NEM takes some light shots at Ethereum and smart contracts, in general, it’s gold! That is essentially what happened when Jeff McDonald, co-founder of NEM, had a sitdown with a journalist to talk about the difference between the NEM blockchain and Ethereum.

During the interview, McDonald mentioned:

“Projects use NEM if they want a secure blockchain for their platform. If you want to raise a lot of money, Ethereum has built a whole ecosystem where you can make it, and become a part of the organization.”

Without directly saying it, he threw a bit of a shot at Ethereum’s recent hacks, saying:

“NEM doesn’t give millions of dollars to anybody, we believe that our secure technology is a filter. The projects who want safe and secure technology they choose NEM.”

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