Confirmed: Baidu and TRON to Cooperate on Cloud Computing Resources

Decentralized Internet project TRON (TRX) and China’s largest Internet search provider Baidu will cooperate on cloud computing resources.

Decentralized Internet project TRON (TRX) and China‘s largest Internet search provider Baidu will cooperate on cloud computing resources, according to an official tweet from the TRON Foundation posted yesterday, October 17.

The tweet confirms a series of unofficial reports that have been circulating since Oct. 13. The first indication that the nature of the Baidu-TRON cooperation would be specifically centered on cloud service provision surfaced earlier this week, in the same report from local news source ODaily that TRON has today retweeted, sealing its official confirmation of the news.

ODaily’s text states that Baidu Cloud and TRON have closed a deal to cooperate in terms of “basic cloud business,” outlining that both parties will work to maximize intercompatibility and “to build, operate and debug blockchain products” based on Baidu Cloud.

Notably, the partnership between the two firms remains focused on the purchase and use of Baidu’s basic cloud computing resources, rather than being a connection “at the blockchain business level.”

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