NGD and Arquit Announce Research Partnership

NEO Global Development (NGD) is partnering with Arqit, a leading quantum-resistant technology project. The two will research quantum resistance and work on the development of blockchain technology. NEO’s venture into quantum-proof technology happens through the NeoQS project. NGD has been working to create better research on the technology.

How Can Arqit Help Realize NGD’s Dreams?

Arqit is developing a quantum-resistant blockchain that can be put to use in enterprise-level applications. It is also making changes on the Corda open-source code base and is for the first time applying the proof-of-performance protocol. Also playing a role in this new blockchain solution is quantum encryption, which is developed in collaboration with a consortium of European companies, an associated research foundation, and some universities.

The Post Quantum Research Alliance (PQRA), established by Arqit, connects the blockchain industry and works to promote and fund research into the security techniques required for distributed ledgers. It focuses specifically on threats from quantum computers.

Acknowledging Arqit’s role in making blockchain safer, NGD’s director of R&D Peter Lin said:

“As a pioneer of blockchain technology and one of the biggest blockchain platforms around the globe, it is important to NEO that we remain at the forefront of technology in areas like post quantum cryptography. We are therefore pleased to partner with Arqit and look forward to a collaboration to help to make all blockchain communities safe in a post quantum environment.”

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