Hacking Into Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Can Now Earn You Bounty at Hack-X, UCIM, Singapore

United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM) has recently launched Hack-X, a platform that attempts to hack into the top exchanges across the world in an attempt to challenge their security mechanisms.

All set to kickstart the Singapore Blockchain Week on 26th and 27th November, UCIM has a number of unique sub-events to keep its 800+ global audience engaged. The security of crypto exchanges is often a bone of contention, and Hack-X will challenge and evaluate the same.

The event will welcome some of the most competent ethical hackers, security companies as well as developers to participate in Hack-X. These participants will then be given a task to hack into the listed exchanges and those who successfully deliver the task in the given time will then be rewarded with a bounty.

“Our aim is for exchanges to glance into their security framework, algorithms, protocols and checks & balances at an early stage. It is, of course, better to be hacked by a developer during a challenge than witness a million dollar breach later on,” said Rohan Sharma, Head at UCIM. “We look forward to hosting all the top exchanges,” he further added.

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(Image Source: UCIM.io)

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