4 Swiss Wealthtech Rockstars That Will Rock Blockchain in Singapore

Switzerland, which enjoys an international reputation as a reliable and innovative financial center, has emerged as a hotbed for fintech innovation in recent years.

Switzerland, which enjoys an international reputation as a reliable and innovative financial center, has emerged as a hotbed for fintech innovation in recent years. Today, innovative solutions from Swiss companies are in high demand in Singapore as Switzerland continues to sharpen its expertise in the rapidly growing area of fintech, according to Angela Di Rosa, senior consultant for Southeast Asia at Switzerland Global Enterprise (SGE).

“Switzerland is a very innovative country. We have led the Global Innovation Index for several years. This is of course also reflected in Swiss Fintech companies,” Di Rosa told in a recent interview. “However, it is not only constant innovation that marks these companies out, but also expertise, adaptability and highly-skilled employees.”

At the 2018 Singapore Fintech Festival, Swiss state secretary Joerg Gasser noted that it is partly thanks to regulators’ supportive stance towards fintech and in particular blockchain that Switzerland has managed to emerge as a fintech leader. Gasser stressed that Swiss regulation is principle-based and technology-neutral, making Switzerland an ideal center for fintech companies and fertile ground for fintech innovation.

At this year’s Singapore Fintech Festival, which took place earlier this month and brought together nearly 45,000 participants, the Swiss Pavilion hosted a slew of innovative Swiss firms with representatives coming from all segments of fintech. The week-long event also featured an open stage presentation session titled Switzerland, The Innovative Fintech Hub hosted by SGE, highlighting the growing footprint of Swiss fintech companies in the city-state.

The following four wealthtech blockchain companies from Switzerland are currently making inroads into Singapore and are set to shake up the industry:

Securosys: securing blockchain and crypto assets

Headquartered in Zurich, Securosys is a tech company specialized in data and communication security. The startup develops, produces and distributes proprietary hardware and software that protect and verify data and their transmission, and secure the whole supply chain by guaranteeing there’s no possibility of leakage or backdoors.

ecurosys’ solutions are developed in Switzerland by skilled experts and produced in collaboration with reputable partners. Its flagship products are the Primus Hardware Security Module (HSM), multifunctional digital key-vaults used to calculate signatures and to perform data encryption as well as transaction and message authentication. The HSM protects the Swiss banking system (Swiss Interbank Clearing system) and blockchain and crypto assets solutions. Securosys also offers related solutions such as HSM as a Service, VPN systems for fully encrypted communication as well as network encryptors belong to our portfolio.

Launched in 2014 by a team of experts in the field of protection of data and transmission, the startup counts amongst its clients the likes of the Swiss National Bank and the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX). It unveiled plans or a initial token offering in July that will seek to raise up to CHF 16 million to develop new cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions and support its international expansion.

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