‘Asia’s Got Talent’ for Crypto Startups: BlockShow Opens Pitch Competition in Singapore

BlockShow is preparing a live-streamed business pitch competition for startups, called EXP20, which will take place on Nov. 29, 2018.

BlockShow is preparing a live-streamed business pitch competition for startups, called EXP20, which will take place on Nov. 29, 2018. The event is a new segment of their Asia Blockchain Weekprogramme, that will be hosted in Singapore from Nov. 27 until Dec. 1, 2018. Dubbed “the largest blockchain technology roadshow” by Venturebeat, Asia Blockchain Week addresses the rise of the Asian economy and the region’s growing interest in blockchain technology.

Crypto colosseum

EXP20 is a new startup competition show which will be livestreamed during the Asian Blockchain Week. Taking place on the event’s second stage, the teams will each be given 10 minutes to pitch their technology to a panel of investors. The most viable projects stand to win different kinds of support, such as funding, promotion or important connections, should they be able to convince the panel that their idea has the potential to be successful at a global scale. The BlockShow team says:

“It’s a ruthless competition requiring both top-notch technology and sharp business skills, perfectly suited for the blockchain startup sphere.”

The competition offers entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their business idea to a panel of venture capitalists, and then defend themselves and their ideas under questioning, in the hopes of convincing one of the panel to invest in their product. EXP20 will be streamed online, for anyone interested in the most cutting-edge applications of blockchain technology.

The panel will include the following blockchain investment funds: Sora Ventures, GBIC, Fenbushi, Zenith Ventures, Red Dot Ventures, Rock Expansion, XSQ, Visionz Capital, Plutus VC, BCI, Blockchain I, BlockAsset, and Trive VC.

This isn’t the first time BlockShow has had startups compete for funding. The BlockShow Oscarshave been a staple of every BlockShow conference, and is based on a similar concept:  a competition where ten startups were given the chance to showcase their creations. It has brought attention to projects such as Electrify Asia, Bancor and Status, who have raised over $100 million each after they won their awards. The crucial difference of the new competition is that, while there was only one BlockShow Oscar winner, all ten EXP20 participants have the potential to walk away with valuable support. They also all face the risk of failure. The BlockShow team adds:

“With no guarantees and a fiercely competitive pool of applications, it will be a highly engaging event, attracting viewers from all over the globe.”

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