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$5 Million Lawsuit Claims Bitmain Mined at Expense of U.S. Customers

Gor Gevorkyan, a Los Angeles resident, has filed a lawsuit against Bitmain for allegedly mining cryptocurrency at his expense. The class action claims that bitcoin mining giant had redesigned its ASIC devices ‚Äúto mine cryptocurrency for the benefit of itself rather than its customers who purchase the products‚ÄĚ.

Nasdaq Plans to Pursue Bitcoin Futures Despite Plunging Prices, Sources Say

Nasdaq Inc. is moving ahead with a plan to list Bitcoin futures, according to two people familiar with the matter, betting on sustained interest despite the cryptocurrency’s dramatic plunge over the past year.

Singapore: Bill Tabled to Place Crypto Payment Services Under Central Bank Oversight

A new bill which will impact electronic wallets and digital payment tokens such as bitcoin has been tabled in Singapore’s parliament.

Aftermath of BCH Hash War: the End of Fork Coins

Bitcoin Cash has been receiving a lot of attention after it’s November 15th hard fork; the fork incited a hash war between miners, caused most cryptocurrency exchanges to pause Bitcoin Cash transactions, and may have been the onset of the most recent downturn in the market causing the cryptocurrency market cap to fall by about 20% over a five day period.

Cypherpunk Back in Game-Wei Dai with His Mercatoria

There are no pictures of him on the internet, The New York Times described him as ‚Äúintensely private,‚ÄĚ and there is little to no information about him available. Although next to nothing is known about Wei Dai, the Chinese computer engineer who graduated from the University of Washington, his contributions to the world of computer science may have played a significant role in shaping today‚Äôs blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

South Asia’s Crypto Foundations Continue to Grow Strong

While going through the internet, one is likely to find videos of young Asians displaying some extraordinary skills such as playing complex pieces of music or cracking complex computer codes. Even Hollywood, in movies featuring Asians, usually showcases Asians as skillful in various technologies and art forms.

Ripple Adds 5th-Largest Southeast Asian Bank to Enterprise Blockchain Network

RippleNet is expanding its network of banks by adding Malaysia’s CIMB Group to its fold. CIMB is the ASEAN’s fifth-largest bank and will team up with Ripple to work on enabling instant cross-border payments for CIMB’s markets.

OKEx Blasts ‚ÄėDefamatory‚Äô Allegations Amid BCH Futures Settlement Furor

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has pushed back against allegations made by Hong-Kong based trading firm Amber AI over its early settlement of bitcoin cash (BCH) futures contracts last week.

IBM partners with Columbia University to launch blockchain accelerator programs

IBM partners with Columbia University to launch blockchain accelerator programs that will provide 10 blockchain startups with $400,000 worth of support. 

Singapore’s Stock Exchange Clarifies Rules for Listed Firms Issuing ICOs

Singapore Exchange (SGX) has clarified the rules for publicly listed companies planning to conduct initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Beyond FCoin, Aiming to Take on Binance

The birth and growth of a blockchain project are often accompanied by the development of its underlying technology and the introduction of tokens. However, before the project goes public, the tokens need to be promoted and made available to the public. Without the help of exchanges, tokens are like fish out of the water. Today ...

India Ready To Unveil Cryptocurrency Law Next Month

The government of India may provide clarity on cryptocurrency regulation as soon as next month with a new draft bill now in the works.