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Indian Bitbns Exchange Accused of Faking XRP and BTC Trading Volume

New research alleges BitBNS – a trading platform in India – has faked a fair amount of volume, and continues to do so on a regular basis.

Indian Exchange Bitbns Offers Helping Hand to Former Zebpay Users

Bitbns is offering to help former Zebpay users a way to migrate their funds following the reported closure of the Indian crypto exchange last week.

‘Extremely Difficult’ Conditions: India’s Zebpay Shutters Crypto Exchange Over Central Bank Ban

Major Indian cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay announced it had stopped all trading due to the country’s banking ban.

India’s National Stock Exchange Trials Blockchain E-Voting for Listed Companies

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is testing a blockchain platform developed by Elemential Labs to conduct e-voting for listed companies.

Dell Has Blockchain Ambitions to Driver Server Expansion in India

Technology giant Dell has outlined plans to invest in emerging tech like blockchain to retain its top position in India’s server market.

India’s Supreme Court to Listen Final Arguments on Central Bank vs Bitcoin Case

The Supreme Court of India is set to hear the final arguments on the petition against the Bitcoin banking ban on Tuesday, reported local media.

RBI Argues Supreme Court Should Not Interfere With Its Crypto Decision

The Reserve Bank of India has filed an affidavit with the country’s supreme court in response to one of the petitions against its crypto banking ban. The central bank reportedly argues that it has acted within its power and that none of the petitioners have shown reasonable grounds for the supreme court to intervene. Last ...

Indian Authorities Round up on Bitcoin Scammer’s Properties Worth $60 Million

The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) attached $60 million worth of assets in connection with its probe against Amit Bhardwaj in the alleged Bitcoin Ponzi fraud of $5.26 billion. The Indian law enforcement agency has attached immovable properties of the owner of, including six offices in Dubai and the residential apartments and bank balances of two ...

India’s Blockchain Ecosystem Suffers as Antagonistic Government Policy Brings Exodus

The fallout from India’s regulatory position on cryptocurrencies is leading to an exit of talent, businesses and investment from the country’s blockchain space on a scale paralleled only by a prior wave of tech industry flight during the internet boom of the late 90s and early noughties. According to a recent News 18 report, a substantial ...

Brain Drain 2.0: India’s Bitcoin Pool is Drying Up, Thanks to Govt’s Financial Policies

New Delhi: India is on the verge of witnessing a major brain drain, again. Much like the mass exodus that took place during the internet boom, which saw Indian techies moving abroad for better opportunities, the Bitcoin community is shifting base because of the Centre’s regulatory clampdown. The blockchain ecosystem consisting of developers, services providers, and ...

Cryptojacking: Attackers Hijack Indian Government Websites to Mine Cryptocurrency

Hackers stole the processing power of several Indian government websites to mine cryptocurrencies, researchers found. Citizen portals such as that of the municipal administration of Andhra Pradesh (AP), Tirupati Municipal Corporation and Macherla municipality are among the hundreds of Indian websites that are found to be infected by cryptojacking malware. Cryptojacking, as the term indicates, ...