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For Asian Miners To Continue To Survive, Efficiency Has To Be Doubled Down

When Bitcoin was introduced, very few individuals understood what it was let alone what it could achieve. Although a few prominent investors were interested, the crash of BTC thanks to the Mt. Gox hack plus the overall levels of uncertainty linked to BTC made investors uncertain and refrained from investing. However, through the years, more ...

DGE Enters into Partnership with Regen Medical Group of Korea

Digital Gold Exchange (DGE), the developer of TMTG coin, announced on Nov. 20 that it has entered into partnership with South Korea's leading medical group Regen on Nov. 12, to launch a cryptocurrency payment system for medical service.

Nvidia Lost $23 Billion Overnight, Should Crypto Bear Market be Blamed for?

November 16, Nvidia, the largest graphic card and chip manufacturer in the world has launched its financial report for Q3. Surprisingly, its Q3 revenue is only $3.18 billion, failed to achieve the $3.24 billion market expectation. As thus, many investment banks have lowered their price target on Nvidia’s stock. Nvidia’s share price plummeted 18% within ...

F2Pool Founder : Bitcoin ‘Halving’ 2020 Will Have Very Little Impact on the Ecosystem

Although Bitcoin was down over 13 percent to below $4800 today, hitting a fresh 13-month low, some crypto investors still hope the biggest cryptocurrency could reach its peak somewhere between $100k and $200k in 2020 when the Bitcoin reward halving takes place. However, Mao Shixing, co-founder and CEO and of the world’s sixth largest bitcoin mining pool F2Pool, believes Bitcoin “halving” 2020 will ...

BCH Hash War Begins: Bitcoin ABC Leaps 45 Blocks Ahead

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork causes a new round ‘crypto civil war’ within the community. The disagreement behind the hard fork has been considered as the main perpetrator of the recent crypto market crash which causes investors and holders to panic. Finally, the controversial chain split has been activated today at block number 556766. Since ...

South Korean Exchange Upbit Expanding to Thailand and Indonesia

South Korean-based cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has announced its intentions to expand Thailand and Indonesia as part of its global expansion plans, reports.

Singapore’s Central Bank, Stock Exchange Settle Tokenised Assets on a Blockchain

In a blockchain breakthrough, Singapore’s central bank and the country’s primary stock exchange have successfully developed an automated method for rapid settlements of tokenized assets.

Upbit Launches Crypto Exchange In Singapore

Dunamu, operator of Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, said its new Singapore exchange kicked off services on Oct. 30. 

Unocoin Founder: Comparing Bitcoin Kiosk to a Bank ATM Landed Us in Trouble

About a week since the seizure of what was to be the first Bitcoin ATM in India, one of the co-founders of the firm that installed the cryptocurrency vending machine, Unocoin, has speculated that the debacle could have been avoided with better branding.

India’s Supreme Court Asks Government To Give Opinion On Cryptocurrency

The Reserve Bank of India agrees that cryptocurrency regulations should be left to government policymakers.

OKCoin Office In Beijing Vandalized Amid Accusations Of Fraud

A group of unidentified people broke into cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin’s Beijing office yesterday (October 23) by breaking elevators and smashing doors, according to a post by the company on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

Unconfirmed: TRON to Partner with ‘China’s Google,’ Baidu

The team of cryptocurrency project TRON (TRX) has reportedly partnered with China's largest Internet search provider Baidu. Crypto market news service Coinness has claimed this in a tweet Thursday, Oct. 11, citing its private correspondence with TRON’s team.