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Nasdaq Plans to Pursue Bitcoin Futures Despite Plunging Prices, Sources Say

Nasdaq Inc. is moving ahead with a plan to list Bitcoin futures, according to two people familiar with the matter, betting on sustained interest despite the cryptocurrency’s dramatic plunge over the past year.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay Professor Declares Bitcoin Safe From 51% Attack

Cryptocurrency service provider Zebpay and Professor Saravanan Vijayakumaran, an Associate professor at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, recently conducted a survey on Bitcoin’s security, concluding that the world’s premier cryptocurrency is safe from a 51% attack.

Bitcoin Briefly Breaks Over $4,000, Bitcoin Cash Sees Gains Near 20 Percent on the Day

Monday, Nov. 26: crypto markets have seen a strong flush of green amidst the recent news that the U.S. state of Ohio is poised to become the first state to accept Bitcoin (BTC) for tax payments.

Big Milestone: Bitcoin on Track to Transfer More Value Than Mastercard Daily

With a daily transaction volume of over $8 billion, Bitcoin (BTC) is on track to overtake Mastercard, the second largest credit card network in the world, in volume.

Battle for Bitcoin Cash Name Ends as BCH SV Backer Calls for ‘Permanent Split’

Billionaire Entrepreneur and Bitcoin Cash SV (BCH SV) supporter Calvin Ayre has declared that the coin “no longer want[s] the name Bitcoin Cash [BCH]” in a article published Nov. 23.

US Justice Department Probes Tether and Bitcoin Price Manipulation

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) investigates whether Tether (USDT) was involved in market manipulation.

Mt Gox Trustee Seeks to Extend Civil Rehabilitation Claims Deadline

Nobuaki Kobayashi, the trustee of the collapsed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, is seeking to extend the deadline for filing civil rehabilitation claims to December.

Indian Police File Charges Against Masterminds of $60 Million Bitcoin Scam

Indian police in the city of Pune have charged Amit Bharadwaj along with three other individuals – Vivek Bharadwaj, Pankaj Adlakha and Hemant Bhope, involved in a multi-level marketing (MLM) crypto scam.

DGE Enters into Partnership with Regen Medical Group of Korea

Digital Gold Exchange (DGE), the developer of TMTG coin, announced on Nov. 20 that it has entered into partnership with South Korea's leading medical group Regen on Nov. 12, to launch a cryptocurrency payment system for medical service.

Singapore’s First Legal Trial Over Bitcoin Trading Disputes Began Today

Singapore’s first cryptocurrency trial over questionable trading practices began today as the market maker and liquidity provider B2C2 sues cryptocurrency exchange Quoine.

Nvidia Lost $23 Billion Overnight, Should Crypto Bear Market be Blamed for?

November 16, Nvidia, the largest graphic card and chip manufacturer in the world has launched its financial report for Q3. Surprisingly, its Q3 revenue is only $3.18 billion, failed to achieve the $3.24 billion market expectation. As thus, many investment banks have lowered their price target on Nvidia’s stock. Nvidia’s share price plummeted 18% within ...

F2Pool Founder : Bitcoin ‘Halving’ 2020 Will Have Very Little Impact on the Ecosystem

Although Bitcoin was down over 13 percent to below $4800 today, hitting a fresh 13-month low, some crypto investors still hope the biggest cryptocurrency could reach its peak somewhere between $100k and $200k in 2020 when the Bitcoin reward halving takes place. However, Mao Shixing, co-founder and CEO and of the world’s sixth largest bitcoin mining pool F2Pool, believes Bitcoin “halving” 2020 will ...