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The Sharing Economy on the Blockchain: the Next Step for Function X’s Decentralized Web

When we unveiled the Function X blockchain to the world, we applied it first to telephony and messaging. The XPhone, and the first blockchain phone call showed that we had a new protocol for communication that could take blockchain beyond the world of financial transfers. But our aims have been broader than using blockchain for ...

Microsoft Japan Partners With Startup to Increase Domestic Blockchain Uptake

The¬†Japanese¬†arm of computer giant¬†Microsoft¬†has partnered with nascent¬†blockchain¬†startup LayerX to ‚Äúaccelerate‚ÄĚ uptake of the technology,¬†Cointelegraph Japan¬†reported Nov. 30.

TRON Announces $100 Million Blockchain Gaming Fund

Decentralized internet protocol TRON announced its plans to launch a blockchain gaming fund dubbed TRON Arcade in a press release shared with Cointelegraph Nov. 29.

South Korea to Test Blockchain-based Voting Prior to Integration with Online Voting

Blockchain voting could soon be a reality in South Korea if the trial on a system based on distributed ledger technology turns out successfully.

Amazon Gets Deeper into Blockchain, What Does it Mean For Crypto?

When huge tech or commerce companies get into blockchain it makes the headlines. They don’t come much bigger than retail giant Amazon which has just launched two new distributed ledger services.

Blockchain Oil Trading Platform Backed by Shell and BP Is Now Live

A blockchain platform built by Vakt Global, a consortium venture set up by major firms including Shell and BP, has launched to bring new efficiencies to energy commodities trading.

Russia, India Seek Common Ground in Blockchain, AI Development

India and Russia have issued a joint statement indicating that both countries are to cooperate in areas such as fintech, tourism, and AI.

China’s Crackdown on Online Gambling Falters as Gambling dApps Take the Center Stage

The recent analysis of data from State of the dApps reveals that gambling-related decentralized applications outnumber all other dApps. Additionally, such dApps are believed to be ruining China’s ongoing attempts to crackdown on online gambling.

Meet Fantom, the Unique Cryptocurrency Partnered with University of Sydney

The¬†University of Sydney¬†has commenced a new research partnership with¬†Fantom. The partnership includes a donation from Fantom ‚Äď whose June 2018 ICO raised AUD$55 million from prominent cryptocurrency funds ‚Äď to the university's Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.

South Korea to Develop Blockchain Voting System, ICON Winning More Awards

One thing common to many countries in Southeast Asia is a corrupt voting system and often flawed democracies as a result. South Korea, being one of the leaders in the technology, is looking towards a blockchain based online voting platform that will alleviate such concerns.

Crypto Investor Alludes To China‚Äôs ‚ÄúLove-Hate‚ÄĚ Relationship With Bitcoin And Blockchain

China has a convoluted history with bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain technology.¬†During a recent interview with CNBC, one investor described how China has a ‚Äúlove-hate‚ÄĚ relationship with crypto.

Hong Kong’s 2nd Largest Terminal Operator Adopts Blockchain to Document Logistics Data

Modern Terminals, the second largest container terminal operator in Hong Kong, has joined the TradeLens project, a blockchain-enabled technological solution developed by Maersk and IBM.