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For Asian Miners To Continue To Survive, Efficiency Has To Be Doubled Down

When Bitcoin was introduced, very few individuals understood what it was let alone what it could achieve. Although a few prominent investors were interested, the crash of BTC thanks to the Mt. Gox hack plus the overall levels of uncertainty linked to BTC made investors uncertain and refrained from investing. However, through the years, more ...

Aftermath of BCH Hash War: the End of Fork Coins

Bitcoin Cash has been receiving a lot of attention after it’s November 15th hard fork; the fork incited a hash war between miners, caused most cryptocurrency exchanges to pause Bitcoin Cash transactions, and may have been the onset of the most recent downturn in the market causing the cryptocurrency market cap to fall by about 20% over a five day period.

Cypherpunk Back in Game-Wei Dai with His Mercatoria

There are no pictures of him on the internet, The New York Times described him as “intensely private,” and there is little to no information about him available. Although next to nothing is known about Wei Dai, the Chinese computer engineer who graduated from the University of Washington, his contributions to the world of computer science may have played a significant role in shaping today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

South Asia’s Crypto Foundations Continue to Grow Strong

While going through the internet, one is likely to find videos of young Asians displaying some extraordinary skills such as playing complex pieces of music or cracking complex computer codes. Even Hollywood, in movies featuring Asians, usually showcases Asians as skillful in various technologies and art forms.

People’s Bank of China: It Is Important to Be Rational About the Functions of Blockchain

The following paper, "What Blockchain Can and Cannot Do", is based on the working paper of the People's Bank of China published to facilitate academic exchange and discussion on blockchain.

Hong Kong’s Increasing Cryptocurrency Play

Restrictions are there to regulate activities within various industries. Leaving operations to run with no regulation may lead to disasters that may be hard to rectify once they have occurred. Hong Kong is currently implementing various laws and regulations it has put in place to control cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency related activities, especially on digital asset exchanges.

Bitcoin Cash Hardfork

Soon, there will be (at least) two versions of Bitcoin Cash. On November 15, 2018, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Bitcoin Cash SBV, and Bitcoin Cash Unlimited will be competing to be the Bitcoin Cash chain with the most support.

BTCC Mining Pool Stops Operation: How A “State Pool” Taking Up 15% Computing Power Is Kicked Out?

On the morning of November 6, Qianjie Zhao, the senior vice president of BTCC, left the following message on his Wechat Moments: “Thank you for all of your support along the way. I have spent four years in the cryptocurrency field, mostly in the mining pool. I’ll say no more—see you around.”

Redesigned STOs Based on Physical Assets Receive Wide Attention

An STO, or Security Token Offering, refers to a public token offering within a legal and supervisory framework.

Security Token – How It Differs From Utility Token

You might be thinking that a security token sounds a lot like a utility token. But from a legal standpoint, security tokens offer investors a lot more protection than a utility token does, and there are also several differences regarding how each of these tokens is intended to be used.

Security Tokens and IPO

It’s looking like security tokens can disrupt the traditional banking and finance industry--especially when it comes to trading securities like shares of stock. Security tokens represent digital claims to ownership (shares) of a company that are typically stored on a blockchain.

The Rise of Decentralized P2P Cryptocurrency Lending – Part 2

A representative, born in the mid-1990s, is now in charge of a crypto-based lending platform. He said although the team was established in May this year, it has already earned tens of millions of renminbi in transaction volume.