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EOS ā€˜Reversesā€™ Previously-Confirmed Transactions as Pundits Decry Centralization

BlockchainĀ protocolĀ EOSĀ found itself at the center of fresh controversy Nov. 9 after evidence emerged onĀ social mediaĀ appearing to show a moderator reversing transactions which had already been confirmed.

Study Reveals Fake Transaction Throughput On EOS Network

TheĀ researchĀ titled ā€˜EOS: An Architectural, Performance and Economic Analysis.ā€ attempts to "validate any speculative claims surrounding EOS and provide a comprehensive understanding of the system design and capabilities".

Yes, EOS is a blockchain

Whiteblock collected an impressive list of Ethereum resources to help with the paper. But they only recruited Ethereum folks for the project. That now looks like a mistake.

Whiteblock Study Questions EOS, Says Its Blockchain Is Not Immutable

A new study funded by ConsenSys and done by Whiteblock, a company that reviews blockchains,Ā has announcedĀ its findings on EOS, calling into question whether it is a cloud service or blockchain.

BancorX Cross-Blockchain Liquidity Platform to Connect EOS and Ethereum

The decentralized liquidity network has launched a cross-chain conversion platform between Ethereum and EOS.

China Crypto Index: Bitcoin Drops Further in October Ranking as EOS and Ethereum Maintain Top Positions

China through its Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) has continued its monthly ranking of cryptocurrencies publishing the latest rankings for October 2018.

EOSIO Releases Major Update on EOSJO; Entrusts Key Management to Signature Providers

On 4th October, EOSIO released a major update on the EOSJS, an Application Programming Interface [API] for the EOS blockchain nodes. EOSJS V20.0.0 Beta was released to add a key functionality to the API.

EOS User Exploits ā€˜Dumbā€™ Smart Contract to Make 1B Tokens Magically Appear

Another EOS decentralized app (dApp) has severely botched an airdrop. This time, fledging gambling platformĀ Se7ens isĀ in the spotlight, after a community member managed to credit himself with a billion tokens by exploiting its poorly made smart contract.

Block.one Claims Itā€™s the Most Used and Highest Performing Blockchain

After raising $4 billion through a record-breaking token sale, the Block.one team now claims that they have solved the scalability issue, leading the EOS-based platform to be the most scalable and highest performing blockchain platform in the world.

Block.one Vows to Use its EOS Tokens to Prevent Voting Cartels

Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer stated the firm intends to use its EOS stake to ensure that the networkā€™s on-chain governance model is characterized by a ā€œfree and democratic election process.ā€


Huobi has denied any involvement in the alleged EOS voting manipulation and collusion that emerged last week.

Early Execs Leave Block.one, The Peter Thiel-Backed Crypto Startup Behind EOS

Four early employees and two contractors have resigned from the Hong Kong cryptocurrency company Block.one to start up StrongBlock, a new blockchain project that is currently under wraps.