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Manila Residents Paid in Ethereum For Cleaning Up Philippines’ Polluted Beaches

A decentralized application (dApp) based on the Ethereum (ETH) network will begin rewarding residents of Manila, the Philippines, with ETH for cleaning up a heavily polluted beach in the capital city of the nation.

Chinese School Principals Caught Mining Ethereum At Work

Two principals at a Chinese school got in hot water after stealing power from the institution to mine the ethereum cryptocurrency.

BancorX Cross-Blockchain Liquidity Platform to Connect EOS and Ethereum

The decentralized liquidity network has launched a cross-chain conversion platform between Ethereum and EOS.

Bit.ly Reportedly Blocks ‘200’ Links From Andreas Antonopoulos’ ‘Mastering Ethereum’

Social media commentators are criticizing URL shortening service Bit.ly (Bitly) after a Twitter user warned Andreas Antonopoulos Nov. 3 that the service had blocked crypto-related links from his book.

Aragon Launches on Ethereum Mainnet: Killer Application of DAOs

gon version 0.6 is now live on the Ethereum mainnet and the release comes seven months after the company announced Aragon version 0.5.


Ethereum Capacity Issue Drifts to Network Over-Hype Claim

Claims that the the Ethereum network’s value is over-hyped with promises have been raised again following a Parity developer’s open call for creators to stop deploying dApps on the platform. Vitalik-Buterin-Ethereum-Foundation-at-Ethereum-Meetup-2018 Afri Schoedon tweets that the Ethereum blockchain is running at capacity. Hence, he suggests that developers should meta-decentralize their dApps by using other networks with more capacity ...

Ethereum’s Decline and Supported Tokens’ Fate

The uncertainty surrounding the fate of blockchain projects whose systems and tokens are built on the Ethereum platform continues to be topical. Despite new partnerships, developers and mining payouts, there are concerns that Ethereum is weaker today than it was about a year ago when it started supporting more smaller projects. However, the story does not have ...