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Huobi Wallet Enables TRON Support To Encourage Portfolio Diversification

Huobi wants to help users diversify their assets in different ways. The company’s native wallet solution now supports TRX, which can improve adoption of this altcoin moving forward.

Malta Is Glad Komarek Did Not Become the Austrian President

We would like to share a recent interview with Walter Komarek, who is the CEO of Angel Investor, co-founder of INK, Bitcoinclean.org and also the former co-founder of Forbesfone.

Crypto Exchange Huobi Now Lets Users Swap Between 4 Different Stablecoins

Huobi, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, has just launched a solution that enables users to switch between different types of fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies, or stablecoins, in event of market fluctuations.

Binance CFO Says Crypto Exchange Looking to Add New Stablecoins

Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted volume, is actively looking to list more stablecoins in addition to the three it already supports, including the recently beleaguered tether (USDT).

Another Top-10 Crypto Exchange Is Adding 4 Stablecoins This Week

Huobi has announced it will list four U.S. dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies this week, making it the latest major exchange to do so in wake of recent issues surrounding the tether cryptocurrency. In an announcement Tuesday, the Singapore-based exchange – currently, the fourth-largest by trading volume – said it will open deposits and withdrawals for TrustToken's TUSD, Circle's USDC, and ...

15 Institutions Announce the Launch of Stablecoins Over 30 Days! Will This Introduce a New Cryptocurrency Bubble?

Interest in stablecoins peaked in September, but will the trend continue? Stablecoins are not exempt from the "impossible trinity" theory of currency, and the question remains: will they too become a bubble?