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  • Volume: $1.84M Supply: 1942.42M
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1. What is the Redemption Period, and are my tokens eligible for the next staking round once I redeem? 

Once you redeem your tokens, the tokens plus the accrued interest will be available in your BlockZone account in 4 days. You will not earn any interest during this period. You will be able to re-stake your tokens once they are credited to your BlockZone account after the redemption period. 

2. Where are all the staked STPT held? Will you publish the address for all users to see the total staked balance in real time? 

All your staked STPT are initially held in your BlockZone wallet . We then store the staked STPT in a hardware wallet.

3. If a user stakes STPT but needs to redeem the tokens prior to the end of the staking period, will this be possible? 

Yes, BlockZone Staking has an Instant Redemption feature that allows users immediate access to their tokens. The fee for Instant Redemption is 10% of the total token amount but users do not have to wait for the normal 4 days to access their tokens.

4. Is there any online support for STPT staking? Where should I go with any questions? 

Our team will be available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Please visit our official channels on Telegram and WeChat or reach out to us at: [email protected] 

5. How is the Staking Yield calculated and where can I see my current balance? 

The Staking Yield is calculated every 30 days starting from the initial date you stake. Please see the table below for the staking yield rates. You can always find your staking balance in your BlockZone account User Center under the Available Balance tab.

staking yield.png

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