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Complete micro tasks for Lattice and share $10,000 worth of the Lattice token prize pool!

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Project Overview

Lattice will be an evolution of existing DeFi solutions by providing more assurance in crypto asset trading and settlements and the ability to incorporate multiple specialized and asset-specific automated market making algorithms. This solution will further advance the blockchain industry with improved financial instruments that are cost effective and have the speed, security, and scalability that traditional securities asset traders are accustomed to.


The fundamental issues DeFi applications face are in base layer protocols as existing blockchain infrastructures have scaling limitations, are costly and slow to transact, and are not architecturally designed to process data like centralized data processing tools that exist in traditional financial markets and the trading of securities.


Constellation Hypergraph Transport Protocol (HGTP) is the only secure communications protocol that connects real world applications through seamless tokenized data. Constellation enables an ecosystem of applications to be built on the Hypergraph Network while using the HGTP to securely capture, connect and transport that data for an evolution of applications with data assurance and compliance. Hypergraph, is a resilient decentralized network that is built on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) and leverages dynamic partitioning and a reputation based consensus mechanism to be infinitely scalable, while providing fast throughput to handle high computational needs for instant data processing.


Lattice aims to overcome the weaknesses of current DeFi applications with thicker liquidity, institutional-grade AMM algorithms and ultimately faster and less expensive settlement due to the use of the Constellation HGTP. Lattice will thereby bring institutional grade reliability and usability to the DeFi ecosystem.

Rules & Instructions

All users who complete the Lattice Social tasks are eligible to share $10,000 worth of awards. By the end of the event, the system will automatically distribute the awards to the ETH wallet address of the participants. To receive the awards, all participants must complete all three airdrop tasks and submit their ETH wallet in their Blockzone User Center before the event closes.

Participants that are staking STPT* on Blockzone before the end of the event will each receive $6 worth of airdrop awards; participants without STPT staking will receive $3 worth of airdrop awards.

*STPT must remain staked for at least 30 days

Airdrop Tasks:

Task 1 - Join Lattice Telegram: Join and be active in Lattice Telegram community during the whole event period. Users need to have 10+ active days and 20+ messages (with spam filter) to receive the award token.


Task 2 - Follow Lattice Twitter: Follow Lattice on Twitter during the whole event period.


Task 3 - Follow Lattice Facebook: Follow Lattice on Facebook during the whole event period.

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