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BigBang Core

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BigBang Core
Participate in the BigBang Core airdrop and share $10,000 worth of BBC token awards!

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Project Overview


What is BigBang Core?


For tackling the issues of transaction delay and expandability, BigBang Core have introduced a tree-based blockchain system, which perfectly combines Internet of Things with blockchain. It’s a system on a peer-to-peer network which maintains blockchain in a decentralized manner. This tree-based structure enables you to expand the branched chains to an infinite extent, taking concurrency and transaction extensibility to a whole new level. Moreover, not only will it maintain data exchange and mutual trust among systems in a heterogeneous environment, but will also form a solid foundation for future complicated Internet of Things’ business models.


What’s New?


BigBang Core works such that it ensures well-organized digital asset flow along with safe and secure management. The user transactions are packaged by BigBang Core with the help of security consensus, along with the production of data blocks in a sequential order. It employs blockchain technology for attaining low latency and high concurrency for IoT systems.


Tree-Based Structure:


Since a tree-based structure is employed by BigBang Core for storing and linking blocks, it provides a multi-fork structure, providing a distinctive security primary chain and a number of application forks as per data load and the particular type of business. With the aid of these application forks, transactions are now just like a bullet train, taking a minimum of 2 seconds.


Consensus Mechanism:


The security consensus mechanism of BigBang Core is Extensible Delegated Proof of Stake (EDPoS) and Continuity Proof of Work (CPoW). EDPoS dominates the mechanism for assessing the node that will get the block right next time or signaling the generation of the next block by workload proof consensus. Not only does this enhance the security of BigBang Core, but also makes it more reliable than any other system, resulting in the attainment of greater consistency.


What Makes BigBang Core Different from Others?


The top-notch features of BigBang Core are a source of exclusive experience for the users. these are:


Greater Scalability

Tree-Based Structure

IoT Value Circulation Platform

Greater Concurrency

Notarization of Data

Fast Data Reception



How can BigBang Core Help Companies?


Companies in real-Estate, energy, agricultural sectors etc. can rely upon BigBang core without any hesitation. BigBang Core will aid them to enable IoT with the help of blockchain. Moreover, BigBang Core will facilitate them in reducing the costs and increasing the revenue through the provision of data-driven solutions from data acquisition, storage, and transfer, to intelligent application of Blockchain + IoT technology.

Rules & Instructions

All users who have completed the BigBang Core Social tasks are eligible to share $10,000 worth of BBC token awards. By the end of the event, we will distribute the airdrop award to the Bittrex Global accounts of all eligible users. Participants must complete all 5 airdrop tasks and submit their Bittrex Global account in the event dashboard before the event closes to receive their awards.

Participants who have completed all tasks will receive $2.5 worth of airdrop awards; participants who have STPT staking balance on Blockzone before the event closes will receive 2x the amount of their airdrop awards ($5 worth of awards).

Task 1 - Join BigBang Core Telegram: Join and be active in the Telegram community during the whole event period. 

Task 2 - Follow BigBang Core Twitter: Follow Official Twitter during the whole event period.

Task 3 - Sign up Bittrex Global account: Sign up a Bittrex Global account and complete KYC. Submit your Bittrex Global account email to receive airdrop award.

Task 4 - Join Bittrex Global Telegram: Join and be active in Bittrex Global Telegram community during the whole event period. 

Task 5 - Follow Bittrex Global Twitter: Follow Bittrex Global Twitter during the whole event period. 

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