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Project Overview

Sumer.Money is a multichain synthetic assets protocol and is an ecosystem project by Meter.io. Sumer provides a credit card-like experience to promote multichain liquidity and cross-chain smart contract communications. It will unlock a critical building block in DeFi Lego and pave the way for cross-chain dApp abstraction.


What is Meter.io?

Meter is a highly decentralized Ethereum scaling solution with a built-in metastable gas currency. It connects to Ethereum and other blockchains as a layer-two protocol and allows smart contracts to scale and communicate seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks.


What is Sumer’s purpose?

The Sumer Protocol enables a user to establish a blockchain equivalent of a credit

card – banking relationship. As a DeFI user, you can deposit your assets on the native

blockchain to mint synthetic assets (Su Assets) that are fungible across all supported

blockchains. As fungible assets, Su Assets enable easy cross-chain transfer across all

supported networks while representing the same security characteristics and collateral

backing. The intuitive protocol design enables availability of instant liquidity – ETH deposited

on Ethereum to mint SuUSD can be borrowed by another user using SuUSD minted on BSC

with BNB as collateral.


Through Sumer.Money, the team is addressing the critical building block which enables DeFI

Lego – Multi chain native assets!

Rules & Instructions

All users who have completed the social tasks and KYC are eligible to share a total of 5,000 USDT (TRC-20) and be eligible for Sumer’s pre-launch whitelist per the following rules. The rewards will be distributed to all eligible participants in 7 working days by the end of the event. Participants must complete all airdrop tasks and submit their TRC-20 USDT address in the event dashboard before the event closes to receive their rewards.


Task 1 — Join Sumer & Meter Discord: Join and be active in our official Discord server during the whole event period. Post something interesting about the project upon initial entry. There will be rules posted in the appropriate channels describing what tasks need to be completed during the event. 

Sumer: https://discord.com/invite/EXuAHtC792

Meter: https://discord.gg/8cCDAyYgDA

Task 2 — Join Sumer & Meter Telegrams: Join and be active in our official Telegram community during the whole event period. Users need to have 5+ active days and 5+ messages (with spam filter). 

Sumer: t.me/Sumer_Money

Meter: t.me/Meter_IO


Task 3 — Join our Announcement Channel: Join in our official announcement channel on Telegram during the whole event period.



Task 4 — Follow Sumer & Meter Twitter Accounts: Follow our official Twitter during the whole event period. Users need to retweet or comment 2+ tweets (with spam filter). 




Task 5 — Complete this form to confirm the application.


The rewards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, based on who completes the tasks.


The first 200 participants will receive $5 worth of USDT. 

Participants 201~1000 will receive $3 worth of USDT. 

Participants 1001~2700 will receive $1 worth of USDT.


*Only the first 2,700 participants will receive airdrop rewards.


*Reminder: All participants MUST submit their TRC-20 wallet addresses in the Blockzone event dashboard before this event closes to receive airdrop reward. Failing to submit TRC20 addresses will result in losing all the airdrop awards.

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