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Clique DAO Reward

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Clique DAO Reward
Share $2,000 worth of STPT reward in Clique DAO Reward

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Project Overview

Clique is an all-in-one DAO infrastructure platform that allows users to participate in DAO creation, token creation and decentralized governance within a single dashboard. It enables DAO managers to create and manage DAOs based on preset or customized templates, set token properties for their DAOs and initiate community votes using the cross-chain governance feature.

Rules & Instructions

The Clique DAO reward activity is coming! Users who have completed the following tasks will share $2000 worth of USDT reward!


We welcome all Blockzone users to participate through this link:


Please follow the guideline below to complete the tasks.



1. The first 1,000 users who have completed Task 1-3 will be rewarded with $1 worth of STPT reward

2. The first 200 users who have completed Task 1-4 will be rewarded with $5 worth of STPT


Eligible winners will be able to claim their rewards from the DAO Reward page using the wallet that connected to Clique by the end of the activity.


Task 1 (required): Create your profile on Clique

Go to https://www.myclique.io/ and connect your wallet address.

Then go to https://www.myclique.io/profile and edit your profile. You must at least submit your Name, Twitter and Discord.


Task 2 (required): Follow STP DAO on Clique

Find STP DAO on the frontpage and click ‘Follow’. Then click ‘Sign’ on you Metamask wallet to become a member of STP DAO.





Task 3 (required): Follow STP social media channels

Follow STP Twitter https://twitter.com/STP_Networks

Follow STP Discord https://discord.com/invite/H23QnaMRTT

Future reward activity notifications will mostly be announced through Twitter and Discord.


Task 4 (optional): Vote on an active proposal

Click any of the DAOs with STPT as DAO token and has an active proposal.

Vote on any option and confirm on your Metamask wallet.

(You will need to hold Matic and STPT to vote before the proposal is created.)

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