Tron Roundup 10/4/2018

$TRX Fiat Trading Pairs TRX/EUR, TRX/GBP, and TRX/JPY Now Available on Bitfinex.

See the announcement below:Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.17.47 AM.png

Tron [TRX] Has 20% More Number of Total Accounts than EOS, Says Justin Sun

Earlier this week, the Tron Foundation released a video on its official YouTube channel that conveyed all the recent updates and developments in the TRX ecosystem. In a community gathering, the Founder of Tron, Justin Sun spoke about the achievements of Tron in terms of the number of transactions and adoption and drew several comparisons with other big cryptocurrencies.

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Tron Has Completed Phase One of the Tronics Support Plan

The Tron Foundation released the Tronics Support Plan in September, 2018. It is well-received by Tronics around the world and is moving forward as planned, as claimed in the recent report:

Since the TRON Foundation released the Tronics Support Plan, we have received kind support from Tronics around the world. Now the Foundation will give back to our supporters the ownership of the 48051405.879290 TRX in the address: TRA7vZqzFxycHjYrrjbjh5iTaywSmDefSV, which is the 35th of the 1000 addresses currently locked. This address with the TRX in it will be removed from the list of addresses locked by the Foundation.

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