Waltonchain Reveals the IOT-RU20, a UHF Android Smart RFID Reader/Writer To Support High-Level Application Development

(Source: https://medium.com/@Waltonchain_EN)

Waltonchain is proud to announce that our technical subsidiary, IOT Technology Co., Ltd have successfully developed the UHF Android Smart RFID Reader-Writer IOT-RU20. As an in-house developed IoT hardware device, the IOT-RU20 can automatically recognize RFID tags at a rate of 450 tags/s and collects data using RFID signals. The IOT-RU20 can therefore be used in many RFID systems and business scenarios.

IOT-RU20 has all functions of traditional reader-writers and also integrates computer functions. It provides powerful data processing, various communication modes, including wireless, and has multiple interfaces.

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