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How OKEx Exchange Is Handling “Market Manipulation” Case

Last week, OKEx exchange faced negative publicity and accusations of marketing manipulation after adjusting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) futures settlements during the notorious hard fork

Huobi Wallet Enables TRON Support To Encourage Portfolio Diversification

Huobi wants to help users diversify their assets in different ways. The company’s native wallet solution now supports TRX, which can improve adoption of this altcoin moving forward.

Stablecoin Wars: Poloniex Eliminates USDC Trading Fees in Bid to Boost Volume

In case you missed it, Poloniex, one of the major altcoin exchanges, was acquired by Circle in February. Previously, Circle was focused primarily on the major coins versus fiat pairings, but since its acquisition of Poloniex it has had the opportunity to dive into more tokens, and in September it launched its own stablecoin to compete with tether (USDT) and the Gemini Dollar (GUSD), which was launched around the same time.

Brazil: Tether’s New Banking Partner Deltec Suspected of Accepting Laundered Funds

Brazilian law enforcement has solicited the help of Bahamian authorities to investigate suspicious transactions to Deltec Bank & Trust – the recently-announced new banking partner of controversial stablecoin Tether (USDT) – major Brazilian newspaper O Globo reports Nov. 6.

Omise Bags Japanese Investment to Support its Blockchain PayPal Alternative

Japanese venture capital firm Global Brains has invested an undisclosed sum into Omise Holdings.

ALTCOINS Tron [TRX] Mainnet Accounts Surpass 500k, Growth Speed Remains 100k/month – Justin Sun

On 17th October, the Founder of Tron Foundation made an announcement regarding the success gained by the ecosystem so far.

TronWallet Adds New Features in the Latest TRX Update

Tron, in a recent blogpost, revealed new features of its open source, P2P crypto wallet, TronWallet. The announcement comes not long after TronWallet went live on Apple’s App Store.

ALTCOINS NEO Weekly Report: Neon Exchange [NEX] Announces Exclusive Partnership with nOS

Recently, NEO Global Development [NGD] released a weekly report on their official website. The report covered the various projects, updates, and events undertaken by the NEO community...

Meet EOSfinex – EOSIO-based Decentralized Exchange Launched by Bitfinex

Just after the launch of a decentralized exchange called Ethfinex, Bitfinex announced the launch of EOSfinex which is built on EOSIO technology.

South Korea’s Crypto Market Overview: How Largest Banks and Conglomerates Back Exchanges

The crypto market and blockchain sector of South Korea, the third-largest digital asset exchange market in the world behind the United States and Japan, have some of the most robust systems and infrastructure in place to protect investors and facilitate the growing demand for cryptocurrencies.

Report: North Korea Is Evading US Sanctions Using Cryptocurrencies

North Korea is reportedly ramping up the use of cryptocurrencies to evade US economic sanctions. It’s also alleged that the country is developing its own native crypto asset to further assist moving money across borders, according to a duo of financial intelligence analysts from Washington D.C. North Korea Allegedly Uses a Mixer to Launder Money Using ...

Coinbase Hires Fannie Mae Executive as Chief Legal Officer

Crypto exchange Coinbase has hired a new chief legal officer in its ongoing push to grow its leadership team. Brian Brooks, a former executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary at Fannie Mae, will now serve as the top attorney at the exchange, where he will help interact with regulators and oversee other issues. ...