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Ripple Moves Into China With AmEx And LianLian Group Entry: Providing Reach To XRP-powered xRapid Through Multi-hop

American Express has recently announced that they will be commencing their entry into the Chinese market, which has been predicted as being the biggest card payments market by late next year. This move was made as a joint venture with LianLian Group and is the first venture to not process payments through the state-controlled UnionPay network.

Another Warning From China’s Central Bank on Cryptocurrency Risks

Very few positive stories come out of China with cryptocurrency in the headlines. This one is no different as the central bank has continued with its rhetoric over the risks of dealing with digital currencies.

Cities in China are Using Blockchain to Track Parolees

At least two Chinese cities are using blockchain technology to track offenders on parole, CCN has learned.

Chinese School Principals Caught Mining Ethereum At Work

Two principals at a Chinese school got in hot water after stealing power from the institution to mine the ethereum cryptocurrency.

China’s Central Bank Issues Warning Against Blockchain Investment ‘Bubble’

China‚Äôs¬†central bank, the People‚Äôs Bank of China (PBoC), has warned of ‚Äúbubbles‚ÄĚ in¬†blockchain-related financing and investment, Reuters¬†reported¬†Nov. 6.

Mining Pool of China‚Äôs Oldest Bitcoin Exchange BTCC to See ‚ÄėIndefinite‚Äô Closure

BTCC Pool, the¬†mining¬†operation of¬†Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange¬†BTCC, will close ‚Äúindefinitely‚ÄĚ at the end of this month, a¬†statement¬†from the firm confirmed Nov. 6.

China’s Central Bank Moves to Restrict Free Crypto Giveaways

The People's Bank of China (PBoC), the country's central bank, is looking to clamp down on airdrops ‚Äď free distributions of crypto tokens.

Notorious Chinese Bitcoin Proponent Li Xiaolai is Still on The Radar

Last Friday, Li Xiaolai live-streamed his 2018 new book release conference. During the Q&A session, Li confirmed that he is participating in a blockchain project that involves no cryptocurrencies. He also expressed his views on topics such as stablecoins, STOs, and public chain projects during the Q&A session.

Shady Practices of Xu Mingxing: Traders Lose More Than 500,000 Yuan – Chongqing Girl Loses 120 million Yuan

Last month, the number of traders who visited OKCoin’s headquarters reached nearly one hundred. Among them, most people lost over 500,000 yuan, and the highest loss was one 120 million yuan.

China Crypto Index: Bitcoin Drops Further in October Ranking as EOS and Ethereum Maintain Top Positions

China through its Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) has continued its monthly ranking of cryptocurrencies publishing the latest rankings for October 2018.

Chinese Bitcoin Bandits Who Hijacked Internet Cafe Computers Caught Out By Huge Electricity Bill

Three employees of computer maintenance company detained for installing ‚Äėmalware‚Äô on clients‚Äô machines.

China’s Unique Crypto Paradigm | Part 3

In this week’s final article concerning the state of cryptocurrency in China, I will provide an overall summarization of my analysis of the nascent industry. Whereas Part 1 closely examined the regulatory steps taken by officials to halt all cryptocurrency related activities, Part 2 scrutinized the effectiveness of such policies and the many examples of ...